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A large propane tank I rent from SP developed a bad valve that could not be turned off. I informed SP "customer service" of the defective valve. They told me to run out the tank, and they then proceeded to refill it with 125 gallons of propane once it was really close to empty. They told me they would send a truck to pump out the propane and switch out the defective cylinder. When the truck arrived to do that this morning, I was told that they... Read more

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Brand new 2016 Keystone Outback . First trip out with it and the furnace quit working. It was going down into the 40s so we had to cancel our trip and return home. Very upset and frustrated. What a lemon, everything is very cheap built. One bounce on the road and I think the whole trailer will fall apart and blow everything down the road. Add comment

Suburban propane took my privetly own tank. Half full. Hard time to grt it back and refill. Bad practice. Add comment

Worst customer service ever. I moved and called to have my service turned off. Had a half tank left because I never cook. and all my bills were pd in full. Was told I'd get a refund in the mail. 1 month later I called, they said they get bk with me. Never did. 3 call later I finally was told they changed me 30$ for a squash my account fee. They also said it would usually cost me 90$ I asked for a receipt I was told that they don't do that and... Read more

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$12.05 per gallon was the charge on my last fill up, when propane is available locally in Northeast Pennsylvania for $1.35 per gallon or less. Suburban is charging 8 to 9 times the price of competitors. When I realized how much I was being charged, I decided to buy my own tank. I've called them and told them to remove their tank. We'll see how well or poorly they comply and how they are willing to adjust my last bill, which was for a yearly... Read more

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They came and pluged my tanks over 11 dollars. Then charged me 107.95$ to do it. They are super over priced, not to mention it takes them like 7 days to even deliver unless you pay extra. I called and told them to come get their tanks and they told me that the regulator was theirs to. I bought the lines and regulator from them 3 years ago when they brought me the tanks. I am so pissed off and upset over this. All because of 11 bucks. Come on... Read more

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100% FULL

Local Suburban office: 1158 in Pasco County Florida. Consistently over charging customers for propane gas. The going rate for LP Gas (propane) is just above $2 per gallon and has been hovering at this rate for over 4 years. I was charged $6.20 per gallon. I can understand a little profit but profit is built in to the $2 price. This amounts to 300% above the going rate. This has been going on for many years now. I have complained before about... Read more

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I came home from work this evening to find my propane tank locked and my gas turned off. It turns out to have been locked by Suburban Propane which used to be my provider. However, I canceled my account more than an year ago and was told then that I owed nothing. I've heard nothing from them since. They didn't leave any notice that they locked the tank. I learned that they were the ones who locked my tank only by calling their regional... Read more

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I recently had my tank filled and thought the bill was a little high. I than started looking around and found that Suburban propane charges over double what the other companies are charging. With no explaination why. Will never purchase from these crooks again. Add comment

I would never use them again they don't a *** thing I failed my inspection because of their botched install and I'm fighting for total reimbursement .at first it was just 500.00 for labor and materials to remodel my cabinet area but now with all this I want it all back and I'm calling the news stations could have been easy but they shouldn't even be in business Add comment

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