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Suburban Propane
Main address: One Suburban Plaza, 240 Route 10 West 07981-020 Whippany NJ
1-800-PROPANE (1-800-776-7263), ,
  • 29+6 mobile complaints
  • $9.4K claimed losses
  • $268 average
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  • 1 day ago
  • Utility
  • Propane Price
  • 27

They started us at $2.89 a gallon the first year and then they jacked our price to over $5.00 a gallon. We were blind sided on our first delivery of the year. They said that there was a shortage but when pressed further the manager said we don't purchase enough. We went from 700-800 a fill to over $1,500.00. We had them remove their tanks. To add insult to injury we had fuel left over and they... Read more

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THIEFS THIEFS THIEFS..... I was on bucket plan paying monthly last winter they said wasn't locked in yes I was VERBALLY TI ALLISIN OVER PHONE.... FEB DOUBLED PRICE AND CHARGED ME $1500 WHAT ?????SCREW U !!!! NnnbbEVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT U AND THE are LEAVING THIS COMPANY TOO... Add comment


  • Oct 17
  • Utility
  • Undelivered Propane
  • 33

This has been going on since march of 2014, acct # 2250-275693, I am Anthony Odessa son of frank....Walton , ny office claims they delivered $700 worth of fuel to my house which is ontop of a mountain, the road is not the best and in the past if it snows 2" they will call and tell me to plow the driveway...they also had a delivary go to the wrong address, prior to this??? on the date Feb 4th... Read more

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  • Oct 16
  • Utility
  • Horrible Customer Service
  • 42

It's hard to get someone on the phone with this company. When you finally do get someone, they are extremely RUDE and the only concern they show is when they want money!! If you accidentally have your tanks locked, it'll be at least a week before they will get someone to unlock them. It doesn't even matter if you have kids or not, they absolutely DO NOT CARE WHATSOEVER!! It's going to be down... Read more

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  • Oct 08
  • Utility
  • Propane Tank Pick Up
  • 1
  • 1
  • 150

In August we switched from Suburban Propane to Eastern Propane because Eastern is a local company and had better propane prices. We notified Suburban Propane to come and pick up their tank as Eastern had replaced it with one of theirs. We were told Suburban's tank would be picked up in 2 weeks. It is now October 8 and the tank is still sitting in my yard. I called Suburban 3 weeks ago and was... Read more

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Suburban propane is leading scam company. Office staff lie about prices and by delivery price is complitely different than they said before. When i called them they sad market prices going up???? WTF??? Over 20% within 2 days. That's BS. Stay away from these li ers as far as you can. Add comment

The driver ran over my kids bike 3 weeks ago and still havent got anywhere but phone tag with them to get it replaced! Add comment

Poor customer service, two weeks ago our suburban supplier changed the fill policy, prior to two weeks ago we were able to do a 50% fill now they changed this policy to a full fill. A letter letting us know of this change would have been nice. Add comment


  • Sep 16
  • Utility
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Propane Gas Price
  • 2
  • 2
  • 105

Called around for price comparisons when I discovered Suburban was nearly 3 times the price of most other competitors. I called TN Attorney General and was told that only Suburban customers can file a complaint. I am not a customer, but I'm hoping to make others aware NOT to become one! TN does not regulate propane sales, so suppliers are free to charge whatever exorbitant price they want. ... Read more

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  • Sep 02
  • Utility
  • Olalla, Washington
  • Price Change
  • 270

In 2011, we bought two 120-gal tanks, and had them filled. In 2013, we finally needed the tanks re-filled, so we signed up for the budget plan. We needed to re-fill our tanks, and didn't want to get hit with a large COD bill. Got the re-fill, and paid off the balance in half the time allotted. At Since the Summer of 2013, I have owed this band of thieves $0.00. Yet, they keep upping my minimum... Read more

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