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Suburban Propane
Main address: One Suburban Plaza, 240 Route 10 West 07981-020 Whippany NJ
1-800-PROPANE (1-800-776-7263), ,
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  • $4.9K claimed losses
  • $181 average
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  • Sep 16
  • Utility
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Propane Gas Price
  • 10

Called around for price comparisons when I discovered Suburban was nearly 3 times the price of most other competitors. I called TN Attorney General and was told that only Suburban customers can file a complaint. I am not a customer, but I'm hoping to make others aware NOT to become one! TN does not regulate propane sales, so suppliers are free to charge whatever exorbitant price they want. ... Read more

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  • Sep 02
  • Utility
  • Olalla, Washington
  • Price Change
  • 156

In 2011, we bought two 120-gal tanks, and had them filled. In 2013, we finally needed the tanks re-filled, so we signed up for the budget plan. We needed to re-fill our tanks, and didn't want to get hit with a large COD bill. Got the re-fill, and paid off the balance in half the time allotted. At Since the Summer of 2013, I have owed this band of thieves $0.00. Yet, they keep upping my minimum... Read more

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  • Aug 21
  • Utility
  • Payment Return
  • 107

Prior to April 2014 I carried for, about a year, a credit balance. In April I was charged a rental fee. I asked to have the tank removed, as I had not used and had replaced the furnace. It was a full tank. The tank was removed and a couple of days after my call. Now suburban is claiming they have no record of taking the tank. After four calls, each with a promise of a return call, I am no... Read more

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  • Jul 26
  • Utility
  • Fuel Charge
  • 160

I had a 200 gal tank they charged me 2.49 per gal to fill, at 80% full line. He had a 100 gal.tank they charged him 3.89 a gal. I got to the point where I couldn't afford filling my tank by half full. I did some checking around town and found that V-1 charged 1.45 a gal. Western propane charged 1.35 a gal. The 2 people using Suburban Propane are on SSD, can just barely put 2 sqs. of food on our... Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Utility
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Home Purchase
  • 122

Purchased a home, called the number on the tanks, Company did not have any records of them at this address and said they would send someone. After coming out, they said yes they belong to them. Then about 10 mths after that the company removed all tanks without notice. However they will have to pay the piper! upstate PA Purchased a home, called the number on the tanks, Company did not have any... Read more

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  • Jun 23
  • Utility
  • Glastonbury, Connecticut
  • Propane Vendor
  • 90

This is the absolute WORST vendor our company has ever worked with. You can't talk to real people or anyone at your local branch...EVER. They do not return phone calls, or deliver messages. I ran out of heating fuel twice last winter and could not get serviced. We regularly ran out of fork-lift propane because they did not deliver on schedule... sometimes missing by 1 or two weeks. No response to... Read more

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  • Jun 22
  • Utility
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Account Number Change
  • 108

Payed $60 per year rental on a 50 year old tank. Sent Customer Service an letter dated March 16, 2014 that I no longer needed the tank so feel free to remove it. Didn't hear anything until today June 22, 2014 and it was in the form of a tank rental bill but my account number had been "completely changed" from what it was on March 16, 2014. These people will look for any way to bill you. When... Read more

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  • Jun 21
  • Utility
  • Seminole, Florida
  • Propane Gas Delivery
  • 74

last delivery early 2011 .notified Clearwater off. not to deliver unless notified. ok until may 2014 when 53+gal. delivered with no prior notice. I want the gas removed from the under ground storage tank and full credit for the gas issued to my account. I am 80 years old and in poor health. My wife has cancer. I am faced with astronomical medical and other expenses . our only source of income is... Read more

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This is the worst company ever. They over work their employees and are ALWAYS short handed. The guys bust their butts and some if not all are at their breaking point with this company. How about hiring some help and start treating your employees fairly and with respect. Same goes for your customers. Add comment

I was promised delivery of propane on Tuesday 6/3/14 was not delivered called Wed. another waste of my time another lie it is now Thurs. was put on hold for a long period of time not happy.Wish the company that sold out to Suburban did not wow poor service. Add comment

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