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We have been loyal customers for 13 years and on auto delivery the entire time. They ran us out of propane and claim that we didn't call for a delivery which we never have in 13 years. Pay a $150 charge and an inflated price / gallon in order to get your appliances functioning again. I'm amazed in the lack of tact, logic and overall intelligence. I realize good people are hard to find, but this is really amazing. A lack of empathy and... Read more

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They only transferred the owners name to my name but I only used it for my fireplace adn it was a massive tank. The pipes between the tank and my house eroded a year ago so i just didnt' use it. Then a month before Christmas they arbitrarily decided to fill it and charge me almost $600 without any authorization from me. I told them to come dig up the tank and take it. They then proceeded to send me the same bill but from collections and... Read more

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I inherited a leased tank from Petosky Propane in 2002 when we purchased out cottage. A few years ago Suburban Propane bought them, and the price gouging began. The tank is behind our septic tank and field, so no heavy equipment can drive over it to remove it or place a new tank. Suburban refuses to sell me the now 25 year old tank, and wants double the going rate to fill the 500 gallon tank. They also locked me out for not paying a $75 rental... Read more

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We purchased our house last October and the previous owner used Suburban Propane and the tank was there with plenty of gas. We only use propane for cooking so it was going to last a while. I planned on contacting them when we needed it refilled. They came today and pulled our tank. There was no note left or prior contact to let us know we needed to contact them. They said they would bring the tank back, but I told them not to bother. I contacted... Read more

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We replaced our generator, so we called the service rep who came out to our house, he cursory glanced at our tanks & stated they were not that bad, he never even inspected them. He said we could paint them, we reminded him they were leased he said he'd have to check on that & call us back. He never called, we had to call him. He said they were leased & they would paint them when they they were to be hooked up to the new generator. When The... Read more

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They service our propane tank for our house generator. We had them deliver before the storm to be sure we had propane full. Post Hurricane Hermine we were without power for 4 days...2 days in we had to schedule an emergency delivery as it was over the weekend. Driver said they were out delivering to everyone and we shouldn't be charged. On 4th day we still didn't have power and were under 50% so had to order again...bam another $175 emergency... Read more

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Honestly, I'm surprised this company is still in business. The house we bought had an existing tank with Suburban. After paying the bill for 1 year, we began comparing prices, and ended up switching to Crystal Flash, at 1/4 the price. They were literally charging us 4x more per unit. That was 1 year ago, and the empty Suburban tank is still sitting in our yard awaiting pick-up. Both my husband and I have called to request pick up, and have yet... Read more

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The last fill up I got from Suburban Propane was $5.33 per gallon. I use propane for hot water, cooking, and we also have small heaters we use occasionally that are propane. I was shocked when I called a locally owned fuel company and they only charge $1.59 per gallon. I immediately switched propane providers. Also note, that the $1.59 is not a introductory price. This is the price charged to all customers. Also, it's cheaper if you own the... Read more

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The driver of the propane truck comes by and checks to see if I am home, if I am not home he comes through my gate in my fence, through a bicycle chain, have picture but in my phone and dont know how to load on computer, and puts gas in my tank. That I didn't need, or want. I find out 2 months later. Now they are charging in late fees and hounding me to pay the full amount. I am a retired military female and only get paid once a month. The... Read more

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Please keep in mind this is the cliff notes version. I was originally a HeatWell customer (10 yrs ago) due to economic times HeatWell sold to Suburban Propane. A company I specifically did not not to use due a lack of competence. (Short version it took my aunt 5 years to get her deposit back for her tank .) Suburban took my acct over instead of dealing with a change out of tanks & knowing I would be in for a fight to get my money back I stuck... Read more

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