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I had a 200 gal tank they charged me 2.49 per gal to fill, at 80% full line. He had a 100 gal.tank they charged him 3.89 a gal.

I got to the point where I couldn't afford filling my tank by half full. I did some checking around town and found that V-1 charged 1.45 a gal. Western propane charged 1.35 a gal. The 2 people using Suburban Propane are on SSD, can just barely put 2 sqs.

of food on our tables a day. And in the winter temp. in our homes are set at 61 and we wear warm clothes and jackets inside. I called and complained many times but they didn't care, the gal in the office said: SO SUE US.

I stopped my service and went natural gas. It took them 4 months to take my tank out and I left 30% fuel in the tank. Got a bill for service fee and they tacked on a pick up fee that gave them the right to steal my fuel balance.

Now they sent me a $200. cancellation bill when I did not sign a contract with them.

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Propane companies will charge you a different amount based on your yearly consumption. In theory, the more you use, the less you pay.

HOWEVER... I live in a small town were everyone knows everyone. Delivery prices are as random as can be.

Deliveries on the very same day can be off a dollar a gallon, regardless of what pricing tier you are on. Crooks.

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