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On Dec 31, 2017 my husband went to go check our propane tanks. He was concerned because Suburban hadn't been to fill in quite sometime regardless that we are an auto fill customer.

He saw that we were at 25% and we were in the midst of extremely low temperatures, as low as -20. He left a message on Jan. 1, 2018 because shockingly they were closed. He called first thing the next day and we were promised a delivery the next day.

By 7:00 pm we had not received a delivery. When he called periodically through the day their excuse kept changing. First the driver was sent to Orange, MA for an emergency delivery and that he continued his service calls in that area and that he would be there by the end of the day. Then we were told that his truck broke down and had to be towed, which according to the driver was an outright lie.

We were then promised delivery by 3:00 pm on Wednesday. No delivery came and we were now at 15%. We called again flipping out as we were on the *** of running out of propane. Finally they showed up on Friday at about 1:00 pm just as my husband was plugging in heaters throughout our home as we were now at 12% and more than likely would run out and have a very good chance of our pipes freezing.

When the driver left the bill my husband's jaw dropped! They charged us $4.08 a gallon!!! Now we were locked at $2.99 a gallon which was still 20¢ more than their competitors. They tried price gouging us for almost $1.30 a gallon over the cost of their competitors.

First of all we never should have had to call for a fill seeing as we are an autofill customer. Had they been doing their job it never would of come to this. They have no problem coming in the summer WHEN WE DON'T NEED IT but soon as colder weather hits we have to beg to get service! They hold their customers hostage, as no other company can fill their tanks.

They then price gouge their customers with inflated prices and bogus fees knowing that there will be those customers who don't look at the bill and just pay it.

This company needs to be shut down, fined and sued. I am utterly disgusted at their service or lack their of and their lack of ethics.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suburban Propane Propane Tank Refill.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They're doing this to me currently no eat with our 5 dogs 3 cats and 7 year old son told me I need to check it myslef


you brought up a good point. people who are automatic should not stop the driver from making his delivery (usually during non winter months) because Suburban lets their auto customers dictate when and how much gas they will get (which is not done at any other company) and this causes a problem during the winter.

those who came out screaming they didn't want gas when the driver pulled into the yard (to save getting a bill) during non winter months have now created a backlash in deliveries. all those people who should have been full come October are now at 30% or less and suburban is NEVER adequately staffed nor are their trucks EVER in good running condition therefore they cannot keep up with the demand when the S&*T hits the fan.

if you run out, it's 50% the customers fault for interfering with the delivery and 50% suburbans fault for allowing the auto customer to dictate deliveries. not defending the price gougers but merely stating a fact.

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