Spencer,New York

My house was built in 1959, the fuel tank is underground and there is no way to know how much fuel is in my tank. Widowed three years ago, this once three-income-house is now down to just me, 51-year-old minimum wage worker.

Last winter I had to pay over $3000 to have my tank filled three times. One of those times, after they billed my debit card and I asked when they would come to give me fuel and I got the usual "five to seven days." I asked, "You do know that the forecast for tomorrow states that the tempertaure should get down to negative twenty degrees?" Their response, "Well, we'll come out tomorrow for an additional $150.00." In addition to $1000.00+ they wanted me to pay more to avoid hypothermia. In the event that I didn't survive those days, I wrote a note explaining what was going on and left it where it could be found.

Zoom ahead to today, November 25th, 2014, I sit her typing with a receipt in front of me showing that I paid $1000.45 (when fuel is the lowest it's been in years) five days ago and I am still waiting for that fuel to be delivered, hoping I will have heat on/for Thanksgiving Day. It's obvious this company has no concern about customer service but do they answer to no one?

How can they not be, in this area, where heat is so important in order to keep us alive? It's criminal.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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