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My tank was automatically refilled in December, 2017, and the bill was left for us on our door. When I returned from vacation I was shocked to see the price of $5.49/gal when four months earlier I had another propane tank filled at our cabin for less than $2/ gallon.

I called the local office to inquire about the rate and they quickly reduced my bill to $3.69/gal, but the average was less than $2.50/gal. The customer service representative that I spoke with was friendly and respectful and I am appreciative for the reduction, but feel that they are trying to rip off their customers.

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FYI, do business with small, mom and pop companies to get the most bang for your buck. I worked for Suburban when they were Inergy and got sued for price gouging.

Now they’re charging upwards of $3/gallon market rate, when the company I work for now is charging $1.60/gallon market rate. Do your research before signing up. “New customer” rates are just that, to entice you to sign up with them.

Today’s average market rate is $2.011 in Michigan. https://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/pet_pri_wfr_a_EPLLPA_PRS_dpgal_w.htm


I absolutely hate suburban propane. That seem to do nothing but try to rip off their customers.


We are on the budget program because we can't afford to pay the bill all at once on a VA pension. With that said, it's becoming very hard to pay the monthly budget payments because of the very high rates they are charging! Average rates around us are $1.79, Suburban just charged us $3.60 per gallon!


I just got my 250 gal tank filled 11/15/18 and I got 147.9 gals the cost $954.72 why on God's green earth is the cost so dang high with them? Last fill in Jan was 97.9 gals at $654.79 rtf?

Called and was told "it was a warm winter so we have to make a profit somehow"? ! . Who the f do they think they are?

I'm on disability & now no thanksgiving dinner for me I've got $1.72 left to my name. I only use the dang propane to cook & heat & believe you me I WONT BE USING MY HEAT THIS WINTER. I didn't use the heat last winter that's why my fuel lasted 10 mos.

Looking for a new propane company very soon. I live in warm Pahrump, NV


Suburban propane charge us triple the going rate they service charge you to death. Currently they are changing 5.05gl their competitors who are national are charging $2.05 a gallon.

Suburban used to be helpful and have excellent customer service now they act like it’s a privilege to buy from them. I have been filled when I was on “will call” and told I had to pay for it. I asked why they cost more then other places and I was told lies I was told it had to do with tariffs and other places don’t have propane all season, not true. All my friends I came to find out get their propane from another company and their customer service is great and they come out when they’re called with no extra fees.

It was going to cost me $2100 to fill up with suburban the new company is $500.

We shouldn’t have to choose food or heat like so many in my area are having to do. Suburban should be ashamed of their behavior.


why am I paying $5.99 a gallon when the average price is $2.68 a gallon, yes, I also feel they are ripping off their customers BADLY seeing it's over a 100% markup.


And you get what you pay for. That competitor you speak of, is probably not even answering their phones now. Suburban is.

to Lucille #1413809

Doubt that's true. Lucy.

to Lucille #1414771

And there is the rudeness people are complaining about. Almost 2 months have gone by since my last delivery and I checked the gauges, they are a hair above ZERO.

When I called, they sure did answer, FORTY MINUTES LATER.

I got a call back 6 hours later saying they cannot come out. Answering the phone in an untimely manner is one thing, making sure you do not run out of propane is another

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