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My tank was automatically refilled in December, 2017, and the bill was left for us on our door. When I returned from vacation I was shocked to see the price of $5.49/gal when four months earlier I had another propane tank filled at our cabin for less than $2/ gallon.

I called the local office to inquire about the rate and they quickly reduced my bill to $3.69/gal, but the average was less than $2.50/gal. The customer service representative that I spoke with was friendly and respectful and I am appreciative for the reduction, but feel that they are trying to rip off their customers.

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why am I paying $5.99 a gallon when the average price is $2.68 a gallon, yes, I also feel they are ripping off their customers BADLY seeing it's over a 100% markup.


And you get what you pay for. That competitor you speak of, is probably not even answering their phones now. Suburban is.

to Lucille #1413809

Doubt that's true. Lucy.

to Lucille #1414771

And there is the rudeness people are complaining about. Almost 2 months have gone by since my last delivery and I checked the gauges, they are a hair above ZERO.

When I called, they sure did answer, FORTY MINUTES LATER.

I got a call back 6 hours later saying they cannot come out. Answering the phone in an untimely manner is one thing, making sure you do not run out of propane is another

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