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I have a credit of 431.70 on my bill can I get this money refunded to me


I have a $188 credit and will not be getting back according to Suburban. The reason is.

I bought pre-paid upfront propane but didn't use it all and each year I had a credit they applied it to my next years pre-paid upfront propane to lock in price. Well this past season price was way to high and we said no more, we were switching services. I was told so many different stories when calling customer service even after speaking with the manager who at one point told me they would review whether or not I get my credit back. Well I did what I was told waited til tank got to 5% called them for pick up and based on all that was said before assumed they would take $50 off my $188 to pick up and pump out tank but NO that is not the case.

I pulled my contract and yes it does state NO REFUNDS of any kind you will only be issued a credit for future purchases. Well WOW really how the heck are they allowed to do that? Keep my money for a product I never used this makes no sense I really do not understand how they get away with doing this??? Anyone have any idea?

Yes I know I signed it but wow again...very frustrating!

I will never recommend Suburban to anyone. Go with Fick & Sons much better!


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