I had initially filed a complaint regarding lack of communication with Suburban Propane. I had questions, concerns, didn't understand the reason for a credit applied, why additional propane was supplied above the amount as stated in the Locked in Agreement (at a regular price, not the Locked in Agreement price), why the remaining balance on my account was what I considered to be high, etc.

Please know, that the Company Manager, Hutch Hamblin, has since gone above and beyond in order to explain my questions and concerns about a "locked-in-agreement", the specific terms of it, the amount of gas actually supplied and at what price. All of this information has since been explained to me in detail. Moreover, the Company, as a measure of good faith and excellent Customer Service, has offered me an identical "locked-in" "secure" contract for the following year, at a very reasonable price per gallon of propane ($2.49), with a promise that I can agree to either a total fill of 250 gallons per year or 500 gallons per year, and that Suburban Propane they will not take it upon themselves to put in any additional gallons into the tank (at a regular price) without my agreement first, effective July 5, 2018, for the following year.

Seeing the genuine attempt at doing all they can to retain a customer and preserve their reputation, I ask that my initial complaint borne from feeling that my concerns are not being heard by this Company, be marked as resolved, and a great effort as being made to make me continue to be their customer. Thank you very much,

Monika Aliosius

Product or Service Mentioned: Suburban Propane Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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