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Got my HEAP grant for the year and they came to fill my fuel oil and when he left tank was not full even though I still had 112.00 left on my grant.I ran out and they won't bring the other 112.00 they say it has to be 100 gallon minimum so that way you have to get another grant.Problem is I can't get another grant until the first of the year in 2 weeks.Last year he said tank was full also but I had to have tank changed and when fuel was transferred there was less than 150 gallons and I hadn't used any since the tank was clogged and it's a 275 gallon.

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Fuel Oil and even if they don't fill to brim it could have handled the rest of the 112.00 and would still have fuel.It would have been 100 more gallons to fill tank to top and 112.00 would have amounted to less than 35 gallons.When they claimed they put 195 gallons last year and we changed tanks an only got around 110 and we didn't use any something is wrong.


Are we talking about fuel oil or propane? Perhaps it matters little, but in either case, just because a tank's capacity is 275 gallons doesn't mean they fill it to the brim up to the 275 gallon capacity.

They always leave an empty space of so many percent for expansion. The company supplying the fuel can tell you what that percentage is. Also, since we taxpayers are helping to pay to keep you warm and comfy it really bothers us not that you cannot get another freebie for more fuel until another two weeks.

Wear a jacket both inside and outside the abode until then. A "thank you for supporting me" would be welcomed.

to h.kitchener #1616359

By the way h.kitchener I'm disabled and a 10 year veteran that worked 2 and sometimes 3 jobs for 44 years and now due to a broken back and other injuries I can't work so I will say thank you for your insult and it's always nice to see who doesn't support the troops,YOU!!!!!!!

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