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I have not purchased Propane in about 6 years from Suburban Propane, since I only use the propane for my pool heater I typically wait for the market price to fall then fill my 1000 gallon underground tank. I originally used and signed an agreement with Agway 1n 2000 to purchase propane with them and their prices were very reasonable along with great service.

I received a call from Suburban Propane in the beginning of the 2017 asking me why I havent purchased Propane from them. They insinuated I might be buying Propane from another company I assured them I was only buying Propane from them and very rarely filled it since it only supplied my pool heater. Now I received a bill in the mail for Tank Rental for $52 I called them to let them know I never agreed to tank rental and would not be paying rental Kenny the manager was very rude and told me that if I didnt pay for tank rental I would be turned over to the Credit Reporting Agency. He explained that they have a very large asset on my property worth over $3100 I chuckled and advised him that my original agreement listed the tank buyout at $1550.

He asked me to send him over a copy of the agreement I suggested he should look for his copy in his files if he had bought out the previous company he should have it and I would be more than happy to bring my original agreement to court. Since my agreement was never for tank rental and I dont agree to it. I think that everyone should also know that in the original agreement that said sale price of tank has a depreciated or reduced rate of 3% annually following a period of 1 year from date of agreement.

Example 1550- (1550 x .03)x16)= 798. So dont let them cheat you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Suburban Propane Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You get an expensive asset installed by a company then proceed to use little to no product and you don't expect them to extract a minimal return on it? $52/year seems more than fair for a very expensive luxury.

Your off base with your assessment of the situation. I bet you happily pay your electric company monthly meter charge even if you don't use any, right? Pay $1.50 for a bottle of water at the convenience store.

Seems like the return you provide those companies is more than the $52 your unwilling to pay the propane company. They should be writing a review about you.

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