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We had a budget plan in place with Suburban. A few months into the contract, the budget was reevaluated.

They then made our payment over $300 per month than what it was supposed to be originally. I found out later on that this happened because they underestimated how much fuel we would be using. We don't use an astronomical amount of fuel, and just by using Google I was able to see that we used right around the same amount as the average household. If I can go on Google and find that out, then why can't the people who work there come up with an estimation that makes sense.

A difference of over $300 per month is outrageous. I make payments online, and neither the account dashboard or the "pay my bill" option indicates a current balance. You have to go into your transactions in order to see it. Our plan called for $150 per month and I paid $100 every two weeks, so I assumed that everything was fine.

So for a few months my account kept going in the negative because nobody alerted me that either our bill was past due or that our budget plan had changed. I called and when I found out that our budget plan had been changed, I cancelled our next delivery and told them that I would not be doing business with them again. I had been charged multiple late fees. In the months that all of this was going on, we had another issue and had called a few times regarding that.

At no time on the phone did any representative feel the need to let us (my husband and I) know that the account was overdue.

After all this happened, my husband's uncle, who works for the company, noticed that my husband was not getting the "friends and family" discount on fuel. Which we were supposed to have gotten the entire time. So we were told that it would be applied to our current balance. I called today because I thought I had paid it off and noticed we still had a balance.

When I spoke to the manager of the Albany Suburban branch (who I had spoken with many times previously), she told me that they would not be applying the discount, since we were choosing not to continue with Suburban Propane in the future. She said that when they were discussing applying the discount, she did not know that I would not be continuing service. That is a complete lie. Every time I spoke with her I made it clear that I would be done with Suburban once our contract is up.

I even posted a status on Facebook regarding my experience and the manager CALLED ME to ask me to take the post down. I told her that I wouldn't take it down and that people should know about my experience and about how Suburban Propane does business. In the post I clearly stated I would never go through Suburban again. So to be told that we should have been getting charged less for 8 months, but that we are not entitled to get that money back, is INFURIATING.

Don't waste your time here.

They charge way above every other company for fuel.

Not only that, but I feel that in all my interactions, this company has been shady and deceiving. I will NEVER go through them again and I will absolutely be warning any of my friends or family members who are considering them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Suburban Propane Residential Gas Supply.

Reason of review: Discounts.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Fact that the budget plan was an option.

I didn't like: Lack of resolution.

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They are charging me $3,700 for propane. Ok I’m COD so how can I have a bill when I’m COD???

I spoke with serval people from Corp. One guy named Ryan Lawson called me to tell me that I need to learn how to pay my bills. Wow.

Ok. So I’m in a battle with them now and none helps you.


That complaint is too long to read in its entirety ; QUOTE : "so I assumed" QUOTE : "we were told" QUOTE : " I made it clear that I would be done" Now, add one idiot who won't stop calling and you have a recipe for "Instant Irritant". Why would you expect anyone whom you have QUOTE "Every time I spoke with her (insert QUOTE #3)" to help you ?It should have all been handled in writing regardless and served via Certified Mail return receipt requested.

No calls, e-mails, or text messages, ever. Put it in writing, get it in writing.

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