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Im moving and the greedy propane co suburban wants to not only not pay me back for whats left in the tank but wants to charge me 150 dollars to pump it out and an aditional 1.00 a gallon for restocking fee.

And then resale it to the new tenants. This co is a scam and will take advantage of you any way they can . Dont do buisiness with them! They are greedy pigs.

They also raise there rate whenever they feel like it. And never come out when you need the too. Once I was running low called for service and they told me they had adriver I the area but he didnt have enouvh fuel to provide all his clients who needed propane so it would be two weeks till he could come back and if we ran out theh would charge us another ridiculous fee.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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The “problem” you are describing is common industry practice. With commodity gases suppliers can’t just expect that what you have in your tank is specification product and for obvious reasons would be understandably reluctant to pay money for it as such


They suck

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1322803

Yup, driver said he would buy it back! You know customer service sales people, they don't know ***- but after the do the minimal 50 fill, they said they would have put in 25, but all BS,,,,,,don't do propane, and don't do suburban-

Dover, New Jersey, United States #927247

I have the same issue with them!!! They are trying to charge me 2000 dollars for the remaining propane on the contract that my husband and I will never use OR get since we moved !!!


Once you purchase the fuel it technically is your property, so when moving it be smart to sell it to the future tenants at whatever price you like. You should probably do your research on the provider and when you sign your contract because it is clearly stated in there. As for the pricing you can simply compare it to gasoline it goes up and down, just like propane prices...

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